LPI DAO Applications Now Open!

As the community eagerly awaits the 1st seed sale on the LPI DAO seed aggregation platform we are excited to announce the team will be announcing the 1st sale date very soon. We have opted to give the community some time to familiarize themselves with the LPI user interface before launching the 1st seed sale.

While the team discusses collaborations with various projects to bring the LPI investors top quality and high potential projects, we would like to announce that the LPI accelerator and incubations applications are now open for all developers and teams to submit their project proposals.

What does the LPI Accelerator and Incubation program offer?

Through the LPI investment platform and the LPI Fund, we can provide your project with the funds required. At LPI we have a large diversified platform of investors eager to invest in upcoming projects while offering additional support through LPI’s investment fund.

With thousands of investors and community member’s LPI will provide great community support while assisting projects to grow their community through our various community-building tactics.

Creating a platform to showcase your project and gain exposure and brand building through the LPI in-house marketing and external marketing agency’s support. The LPI in-house marketing will promote your project through our onboard KOLs and Influencers to get the brand exposure you need.

Through LPI’s intensive network we can assist projects in fostering relationships and building partnerships. Assistance can be provided to connect your project with VCs, Launchpads, KOLs, influencers and listing support.

For projects requiring developmental support, our in-house developers with great blockchain development skills can assist your team to achieve their goals.

LPI can assist your project with all the additional support required post-launch.

Post-launch support includes assistance with:

  • Adding liquidity
  • Liquidity locks
  • Wallet lock
  • Token listing support
  • Token vesting

Not limited to these criteria, LPI can provide a host of other post-launch services

The LPI project selection process follows a strict vetting process conducted by the team and external advisories of LPI. This is to ensure the LPI investors are offered only the best projects to safely invest in, as we understand the nature and concept of profitable seed investments. Seed investments offer great potential to investors however where there is high reward there can be high risk and for this reason, the team will employ the expertise of our team leadership, strategists and advisory to analyze projects before they are offered to investors.

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