LPI DAO |Community update

4 min readApr 20, 2022

Hello #LPI community.

We share this update to keep you informed about the background work of the LPI DAO team and bring you a project recap.

Let’s look at what the LPI DAO has achieved in about 7 months before that.


LPI DAO is a decentralized seed and private sale aggregation platform that specializes in market trending projects to provide support and backing to upcoming projects through the LPI investment platform.

LPI Finance had a highly successful launch of the DAO with multiple Launchpads hosting the LPI DAO Public Sale. The token was made available for trading on PancakeSwap in September 2021.

By this time, 6,175% of the total supply (10,000,000) had been burned. (In about 7 Months)

LPI DAO Platform Tiers were introduced

We implemented the LPI staking platform.

A number of AMA’s have been organized, with the questions and suggestions of investors being taken into account.

We have hosted 30+ VC sales in a 7-Month period. With simple mathematics, you can see that we host a minimum of one sale per week.

You can access these successful sales which we have realized from the portfolio section of our website.

LPI provides upcoming projects with backing through our in-house marketing and development teams. The projects our platform invests in are supported by providing them with:

  • Fundraising
  • Business Development
  • Advisory, research, and analytics
  • Market Making
  • Marketing, promotion, and community building
  • Technical Development
  • Graphic and website design
  • Connection to established projects for collaboration

After this brief summary. Let’s talk about revolutionary updates.

Our latest news on these updates:📣📣📣

Sometimes it can be very challenging to get an allocation at the Seed Sale stage of projects, and sometimes you can’t even get involved in the project.

For this and many various reasons including the request of the community, LPI DAO will continue to have VC deals after the update and will be introducing IDO deals to the platform.

LPI DAO is set to be a comprehensive early-stage investment platform.

After this update, LPI investors will have access to allocations from VC and IDO’s deals.

We bring more good news: We have designed a more convenient, easy-to-use and practical platform for users. Everything you need from staking to participating in deals will now be on the fully-fledged investment platform..

1- There will no longer be pledge forms or contribution forms, investors will register for sales and contribute on the platform directly.

No need to do manual tracking of investment or keep a spreadsheet to log the sales you participated in. With just one click, you will be able to find access the sales dashboard and view details about the sales you have participated in.

Before participating in any sale, you can access all the provided information about the project with links available to the project’s social making it easier for you to DYOR.

2- A new integration: User identification through KYC before you can join certain deals which require KYC, you will need to verify your identity. This is done for security reasons and to comply with international Know your client and Anti-money laundering regulations, which is mostly only required on some IDO deals.

These are just a spark, stay tuned for more great news and updates.




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