LPI DAO partners with Gamesta

3 min readNov 4, 2021

Gamesta — From the makers of Dope Warz, an A.I. Powered Guild P2E

LPI DAO Partners with Gamesta

LPI DAO is excited to announce our latest partnership with Gamesta! Gamesta is a very exciting P2E project coming from the makers of Dope Warz a very well known blockchain GameFi project. The team is highly skilled in game development and integration of P2E in the game development utilizing great in game uses of the currency.

LPI DAO will be working with Gamesta to increase their reach into various market sector including and not limited to Turkey, China, Russia, India & Indonesia. While offering the Gamesta team access to a host of Influencers, KOL’s and many other industry connections.

Play 2 Earn

Play to Earn is flipping the gaming industry on its head. With the introduction of blockchain technology and the ability to create trustless networks, gaming developers are now able to reward and incentivize the players that make up the core value of the game.


Gamesta is already operating a 150+ player operation. Based out of Bali, Indonesia, we have a test bed for the operations of a larger guild. We have over 200 ETH in asset management already and we are generating over $5,000 USD a day in profits through our beta setup.

Value Proposition

Gamesta brings value through its experience in the industry. Specialists in crypto and more prudently GameFi, VMG’s core team are looking forward to building one of the most successful guilds ever, one that gives high yields to investors but at the same time empowers players from all over the globe.

The guild effectively connects investors and players together, enabling both parties to profit from the exploding GameFi market.

A.I. Powered Acquisitions.

A.I. & Machine Learning is revolutionising processes in all aspects of business, in every industry. Gamesta is developing an A.I. & ML based algorithm to assist in asset acquisition decisions. We estimate this will increase the efficiency of our treasury 2–3 fold, and significantly reduce the risks of human errors and sentiment based choices.

Machine Learning Player Promotion.

To optimise our yields and reward the best players with the best assets, we are developing an AI based Machine Learning algorithm to automatically promote and reward scholars in our program.

Gamestation Incubation.

After an extremely successful partnership between DOPEWARZ & GAMESTATION, VMG decided to again incubate Gamesta with Gamestation. With their wealth of knowledge and large network of value add investors, Gamesta are confident of another incredible partnership.

VIP NFT’s — Black Gamex Card

GSG Token

We are creating a total of 1,000,000,000 $GSG tokens which will act as the utility token within Gamesta’s network. The token will enable investors to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the play 2 earn ecosystem.

Our token will be based on Polygon (MATIC) to leverage the ETH network whilst keeping the gas & transaction fees to a minimum.


  • Distributing profits to investors.
  • Staking.
  • Governance + key decisions voted on in the DAO.
  • Further fund raising for asset acquisition if deemed necessary.
  • Community activation and incentives.


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