LPI DAO Rewards Program

LPI DAO — Rewards Program

LPI DAO Rewards

Backed by true value the LPI token serves to enrich all holders of the token regardless of the amount you hold. Investors in LPI DAO receive profit shares of the funds’ earnings from its IDO participation. These rewards are distributed to holders through the LPI DAO rewards program.

What are the rewards? LPI rewards serve as a great investment to net high returns or earn a passive income for holders. You can’t invest in all the launchpads but you can earn from them by buying into $LPI. The LPI DAO rewards are generated from the funds’ successful participation in IDO and private sales from which a percentage of the revenue will be set aside and allocated for rewards.

Why the rewards? Investing in a valueless governance token is as ridiculous as it sounds and that’s why the $LPI token offers holders a governance token with real value. Your holding determines your share in the funds’ profit. The rewards program will be initiated to implement the profit share equitably among holders, making it a profitable investment for big and small investors, and as a community-driven project, those investors who stay invested and grow with the project as new heights are reached should be rewarded for their loyalty.

The rewards

As the rewards program will be funded from the revenue of the fund, rewards will be paid out in stablecoins or a coin selected by the DAO such as ETH, BNB, etc. This will allow those receiving the rewards to decide on the nature of the rewards they receive.

Who will receive rewards? Rewards will be distributed to holders of the LPI token. All community members that hold the token and stake it through platforms made available as directed will be eligible for rewards.

The rewards program

The rewards program will be conducted on a staking platform that is set to utilize a staking score system, which considers the time and amount of tokens staked. This allows even smallholders to gain multipliers by staking over a longer period of time and rewarding their loyalty with greater portions of reward distributions.

When will the rewards program be initiated? Once the fund reaches the predetermined launchpad token threshold which should place the fund in an optimal and profitable position. This threshold entails reaching the set milestones, which consists of gaining top-tier access in all the initial launchpads selected by the fund to invest in. For more information please refer to the threshold article.

Types of rewards: As the DAO will have an active role in various decision-making aspects of the fund, the rewards program is one of the sectors the DAO will cast decisive votes on. With the growth and profitability of the fund, different reward options will be made available to satisfy a multitude of investors. These rewards will be voted on by the DAO before being implemented.

With the rewards program set to only be initiated once the fund reaches the threshold, single token and LP token staking will be made available offering high APYs.

The Fund will continue to improve and implement new reward mechanisms such as:

  • High APY Staking pools
  • NFT rewards integrations
  • Burn mechanisms to add a deflationary touch
  • Community milestones rewarded

The fund has two main objectives, to become highly profitable and to enrich the community.



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