LPI DAO Threshold

The LPI DAO Portfolio Threshold

What is the threshold?

A predetermined milestone that the fund has strategically put in place, which needs to be achieved before the rewards program will be initiated and offered to the LPI community. As per the roadmap and forecast of the funds’ revenue once this threshold has been reached, the fund will be operating at a capacity capable of sustaining the rewards program while offering attractive ROI to investors. The threshold requires reaching the top tier of the various launchpads initially invested in with their respective token amounts being acquired.

Why the threshold?

The threshold will be implemented to allow the fund time to engage its investment strategy and consolidate its position while finding good entry points to gain top-tier access to the platforms. By employing a calculated approach to purchasing the platform tokens the fund will leverage its available capital in a manner making it possible to acquire all the required tokens for the portfolio in the most efficient way. In the event of any launchpad tokens price being unfeasible at a given time, the fund will wait and only invest once the token price reaches a suitable buy-in point. This allows, larger amounts of tokens to be purchased utilizing less capital while simultaneously acquiring a greater diversity of launchpad tokens.

Having this threshold in place will assist in reaching the top tiers on the platforms by making more capital from IDO sale participation available to the fund for platform token purchases. Allocating a larger amount of revenue from profits will afford the fund the opportunity to dollar cost average its token purchases, maximizing the funds’ capital utilization. Using profits from IDO sales the team will look at which tokens represent the best value at that given time in order to buy into launchpads or increase tier ranking.

Launchpad tokens selected for the funds’ initial investment along with the required amount of tokens to reach the top tiers will be made available on the LPI launchpad analysis webpage.

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Upon top tier amounts being successfully acquired, the threshold is resultantly met and the rewards program will be initiated by the DAO.

During the threshold period, high % APY staking will be made available to $LPI token holders. More info on APY staking can be found in the staking article.




The first crypto Launchpad Index. Your gateway to launchpads. Crypto wealth generation defined…

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The first crypto Launchpad Index. Your gateway to launchpads. Crypto wealth generation defined…

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