LPI DAO X LitCraft Partnership Announcement

4 min readDec 8, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with LitCraft — LitCraft is an open-ended magical universe where anyone can play to earn and explore a wonderous metaverse.

This is the very beginning of something new and there is a lot yet to come. LitCraft, Devvio and the whole ecosystem which the Devvio chain is bringing to the crypto market. LitCraft will be huge with licensing to titles from billion dollar development studios and much more. Licensing will include an ecosystem of many games, including AAA games, which have been missing in the blockchain gaming space. It is built on the fastest, most scalable, easiest to integrate with, and most cost-effective blockchain technology in existence.

LPI DAO is proud to collaborate with an excellent team and community.


❖ The Blockchain gaming Ecosystem will include licensed games in all genres — FPS, racing, action, sports, casual, etc., including AAA level games.

❖ Ecosystem built on the Layer 1 protocol DevvX
❖ Can process millions of TPS
❖ 1/1,000,000th the cost of Ethereum transactions
❖ 1/10,000,000th the energy use and CO2 issuance of Bitcoin
❖ Sub-second settlement times
❖ RESTful API for easy integration
❖ Over 3 years of live mainnet blockchain gaming operations.
❖ Robust marketplace technology.
❖ Rewards, metaverse assets, and in game items will be shared across games.
❖ Built within an overarching rich and detailed sci-fi / fantasy universe.


❖ LitCraft’s team has unique licensing expertise:

  • Licensed over $100 million of video game development in past projects.
  • Published over 100 games that were ported to our platform.
  • Got full source access to AAA games.
  • Licensed games included Tiger Woods Golf, Madden Football, NBA Live, Need for Speed, the Mass Effect series, the Battlefield series, Orange Box, Half Life 2 series, Left for Dead series, Team Fortress 2, Dirt, Grid.

❖ LitCraft will use the same model, contacts, and expertise to license games and port them to Play-to-Earn models within the LitCraft Universe.
❖ The majority allocation in the tokenomics will go towards licensing games and content, all of which creates more and more value for Quint and the LitCraft Universe.

Token Utility

❖ Quint is the currency of the Lit (mages). It will be able to be utilized within a robust and detailed magical ecosystem used not only in games, but also within the LitCraft metaverse and even real-world media crossovers. Imagine a cryptocurrency associated, analogously, with any big IP such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, or X-Men.
❖ The majority of expenditures will be for

expanding games and content in the LitCraft Universe. Purchasers stake Quint for interest and rewards associated with the LitCraft Universe and its entire media franchise from games to books to movies and TV shows.

Nysperience Overview

  • Minecraft meets Pokémon meets Candy Crush
  • Play-to-Earn game mechanics
  • Users receive real-world value for playing the game
  • State-of-the-art blockchain is used to record assets in the game as NFTs that can be bought and sold: LitPets, artifacts, land and more
  • No blockchain knowledge is required to play, and gameplay ranges from casual to PvP to pure business creation — anyone can participate with no upfront cost


  • Craft increasingly complex items by playing fun, casual minigames
  • Craft LitPets and participate in PvP gameplay
  • Play-to-Earn by selling crafted LitPets, engaging in PvP battles, or building a profitable business that contributes to the in-game economy
  • Make your LitPet teams more competitive and make your businesses more profitable with valuable and unique NFTs


Coach K, Roger T, Fairum Ventures, Durty crypto, Hg Ventures, Brotherhood, DAO Capital, Cyberfi, BigCoin, Kangaroo Capital, Hidden Gems, RD Ventures, Aussie Capital all got involved.
Black Dragon, OIG capital, Mantra Dao, Equinox, Enjinstarter, Moonstarter, Anypad, Astronaut, Lunar Station, Netvrk, Yield.app, FOE, Gains, TRUEPNL, AUSSIE CAPITAL, Crypto Banter, Bullperks have all expressed interest, as well as a number of ESG focused groups have expressed interest.


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