LPI Dev Hub Platform

LPI understands the difficulties and challenges faced by teams of upcoming projects and have created the Dev Hub platform to provide a solution to upcoming projects by assisting them in acquiring the support they need. The Dev Hub is a free-to-use marketing platform for developers of upcoming projects, to list their projects providing all relevant details and requirements such as funding and backing needed. The platform will be marketed to VCs and Launchpads and LPI will invite all partners to the platform to source high potential projects.

While LPI would like to assist as many projects as possible to turn their ideas, concepts, and dreams into a reality by providing early-stage funding, incubation, and acceleration. There is a limited amount of projects which can be assisted through the LPI platform. To provide an alternative solution to these developers and designers, LPI hosts a Developer HUB for teams to list their projects and gain attention from a vast network of project backers and launchpads, as VCs and Launchpads can find market or network specific projects that interest them through the platforms categorized structure.

The Platform

Free to use platform, for developers to market their up-coming projects.

Developers can share all or specific details about the project.

Paid features to boost listings & to get additional support from the LPI team.

Attract the backing/ funding of VCs, Launchpads or the LPI Community.

With ease of access, VCs, Private Investors and Launchpads can utilize the platform to source high potential early-stage projects in specific market sectors or on selected networks employing the categorized structure.

Many launchpads experience shortages of high-quality projects or ready-to-launch projects from time-to-time, through the Dev Hub Launchpads can scout and source high potential ready-to-launch projects or discuss collaboration with LPI to get specific projects from the Dev Hub ready for launch.

The LPI Dev Hub serves the crypto community in a manner that allows developers to market their upcoming or ready to launch projects directly to VCs and Launchpads.

As a support system for projects listing on the Dev Hub, the LPI seed platform with community voting selects projects from the Dev Hub & invest in these projects to provide early-stage backing.

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