LPI DAO Staking platform launch

2 min readSep 29, 2021


LPI investors have been eagerly awaiting the release of the LPI staking platform and we are pleased to announce the platform will be going live and $LPI holders will have the opportunity to stake and earn $LPI. For ease of access, the staking platform will be hosted on the LPI website.

The staking platform will go live with two staking pools offering high APY returns. The pools available will be single token $LPI staking and BNB-LPI LP token staking. The APY percentages will differ with the BNB-LPI LP token staking offering a much higher APY percentage.

An opportunity for investors to increase their $LPI holding which will be highly beneficial once the seed sales begin as getting into higher tiers will be costly. We are offering early investors the opportunity to level up for maximization of their investment potential and future earnings.
Access the staking platform

To access the staking platform token holders will need to press the staking button on the LPI website menu, This will take you to the staking platform where you can deposit your tokens to start earning.

Launch Details

Date: 30 September 2021
Time: 12:01 AM UTC

Staking Platform details

Each staking round will last for 2 weeks.
LPI Pool- This pool will be for token holders who would like to participate in the single token LPI staking. You may stake any amount of LPI tokens.
BNB-LPI LP Pool- This pool will be for those who would like to stake their BNB-LPI LP liquidity tokens.

Staking reward schedule

*The values are subject to change and will be re-evaluated prior to each round. Further rounds will be scheduled closer to the date.


Withdrawing tokens and rewards from the LPI staking platform will initiate a 5-day lock on tokens during which NO staking rewards will be earned.

For more details, our team will be available in the LPI Telegram group to answer any concerns.




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