The LPI concept

As many investors are aware of the recent challenges which the LPI project was faced with, the biggest of that being the downtrend in the market during our initial launch, which saw the project raise an amount the team felt was inadequate to launch and running of the project efficiently and profitably.

Due to the nature and concept of the project, it required large amounts of initial funding which would have been a once-off expense for investors, we had opted to put the project on hold and refund all investors. The refund process was conducted fairly and reliably with all investors from the various launchpads and the public sale which was held on the LPI site receiving all their invested funds in full.

It was not our intention to cancel the project but rather remodel and develop a more feasible strategy for investors to be able to access projects from all the different blockchains on one platform. The LPI team has been putting in a great amount of effort and has been working with other projects to create a cost-effective and feasible concept for the LPI community.

The new concept

LPI will no longer be a launchpad investment fund but will be turning the project around and offering a Community Governed Seed Sale Aggregator. Essentially the project will entail an investment platform for investors of all levels to gain access to seed sales of any upcoming project across the spectrum of blockchains. Focusing strongly on the enrichment of our investors, the platform will be governed by the community which for the most part will entail the LPI token holders voting on which projects should be brought to the platform for investment. LPI holders will also have the opportunity of suggesting projects for investment which the team will work on sourcing should there be adequate interest from the community.

LPI Community | Stronger together

LPI will comprise a 4 tier structure of which each tier comprising of additional benefits to the previous tier. We have implemented a vital bonus and perk for the top 2 tiers which will afford these investors the opportunity of making private deal requests for which the LPI team will work towards sourcing private seed sale allocations for these investors for the projects they request.

The LPI team will be implementing incubation and acceleration for projects who are in the initial phase of their project development. This will be done through our dedicated marketing, research, and development teams. We understand the importance of great exposure and will provide projects with high-quality lead-generating marketing and promotions for community building.

The remodeled LPI project will be launch as initially planned on both the BSC & ETH network and will be available for purchase on PancakeSwap & UniSwap after launch. Details regarding the launch platforms, dates and all other aspects pertaining to the launch will be released in a separate article.

There will be many more features coming to the project with technical integrations, APY staking, NFT integrations and much more, all to be released very soon. We would love to have any input and suggestions from our community and any potential investors. LPI DAO is your Gateway to Seed Sales, Designed for the community.

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