LPI Tiers

The LPI tier system has been strategically developed to offer both big and small investors an equitable opportunity to earn through seed and private sales. The tier system will allow for both LPI and BNB-LPI LP tokens to be used to gain access. The platform will integrate directly into Telegram for ease of use and access of the LPI investors. There will be a private telegram group for each tier in which projects and pledges will be discussed between the team and investors.

These private groups will have restricted access and will require investors to have staked the minimum amount required for access in LPI tokens, BNB-LPI LP tokens, or a combination of both.

The tier structure

PLEB- 1X — 60% of Deals (Invite Link)
APE- 5X — 80% of deals (Invite Link)
CHAD- 10X — 90% of deals (Private Requests) (Invite Link)
DEGEN- 25X — 100% of deals (Private Requests) (Invite Link)

Each tier will provide investors guaranteed allocations to seed and private sales. The percentage determines how many sales you will have access to. I.e PLEB members will have access to 6/10 sales, while DEGEN members will have access to 10/10 sales on the platform.
Higher tiers will provide investors with bigger allocations in the sales.

This strategy has been put into place to ensure guaranteed allocation to projects as opposed to having whitelist and lottery access. This will not be utilized for tier access however we will utilize a lottery system to distribute any leftover allocations. Access to sales for each tier will be dependent on the allocation size of the Seed tokens LPI receives from the project. For projects that LPI receives big allocations, all tiers will have guaranteed allocation, however for those projects which offer smaller allocations only the higher tiers will have guaranteed allocation.

(Private Requests) — Offered to CHAD and DEGEN members allows them to contact the team directly or through the private tier groups to request allocations in seed sale of any project hosting a private or seed sale. Even though the projects sale will not be hosted on the LPI platform the LPI team will attempt to secure a non guaranteed allocation for these investors as it will be dependent on the response from the requested project’s team.

To access the telegram group for your respected tier you will need to click on the image of the tier on the LPI website and it will follow to the group invite link.

For investors who have BNB-LPI LP tokens the required amount for each tier is equivalent to 50% of the required amount of LPI tokens. ( I.e. for PLEB = 1000 LPI or 11 BNB-LPI LP tokens. The value of 11 BNB-LPI LP tokens = 500 LPI)
BNB-LPI LP token holders get 50% off on tier access.

In order to participate in any of the Seed sales or Private sales held on the LPI platform investor will need to have the required minimum amount of tokens stake. Any tokens in your wallet or in the 5-day lockup will not be counted for tier access. Vested tokens will also not be counted towards tier access. We have provided investors with a very short vesting period so they will have enough tokens for tier access very soon after listing.

Access to sale will be handled through the private telegram tier groups, where investors will complete a pledge form for each sale that takes place.

For assistance with access, our admin in the Official or language-related telegram groups can assist you.

LPI Staking Platform:



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