LPI — Yellow Spoon Capital Strategic Partnership

2 min readMar 14, 2022

We are excited to announce our latest strategic alliance with a well established VC that has a vast and wide reach in the French regions with a strong presence in the French crypto market. The LPI team and Yellow Spoon have been in discussions to identify the most effective ways in which the collaboration can mutually benefit both projects. We will utilize this collaboration to bring the LPI investors top tier projects while sharing the projects in our network with the Yellow Spoon Team to increase project interest and awareness. This collaboration will increase our reach and provide LPI access to the French crypto market.

Yellow Spoon Capital is a French investor group which brings high marketing support and financial investment to the best crypto startups. We are specialized in GameFi, Web 3.0, Metaverse and other fields in blockchain.

The main business section is divided into global high-quality project investment and project branding service support to follow the long-term development process.

How does it work?

The team creates YouTube dedicated content for projects which they invest in. Part of their market strategy includes gleams, tweets, discord posts, TG posts and also organizing AMAs.

Yellow Spoon have partnered with VCs like Oddiyana Ventures, LPI DAO, Fish Dao, Excalibur Capital, MH Ventures, RedHat and few more as partners.

We look forward to strengthening this partnership and working with their team to extract maximum benefit from the alliance.

Website: https://yellowspoon.vc/\




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