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Endless Battlefield: A Military Strategy Blockchain-based Game in the Metaverse

LPI DAO is pleased to announce a new partnership with Endless BattlefieldEndless Battlefield is a military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on UE engine 5. Using planets as the map, it provides multiple modes to fulfill the needs of different players. The game can be played in FPS mode for hardcore players. Casual players also can find various activities to start their adventure including hunting, fishing, and building. Players will be rewarded by collecting materials, constructing sites and winning battles.

Endless Battlefield can give players an immersive experience with its unique characters design, diverse scenery and high-quality graphics. The game also has a well-balanced play-to-earn system. Players will have many opportunities to earn tokens and get rewards through playing the game and trading materials.

Collaboration with Endless Battlefield

LPI DAO will be working with Endless Battlefield to increase their reach into various market sectors including and not limited to Turkey, China, Russia, Germany, India & Indonesia to create additional interest and grow their community. While offering the the team access to a host of Influencers, KOL’s, Launchpads, CEX platforms pre and post launch services and many other industry connections. By coming on board as one of the early backers LPI will be offering a value-added investment to the project. Partnering with only top-quality projects LPI DAO provides strong value and backing to those projects it invests in.

This collaboration will provide LPI and its investors early access to the Endless Battlefield project for investment.

What is Endless Battlefield ?

  • This is an open world sandbox game with enormous base map built on UE engine.
  • This game simulates modern military operation which allows players to enjoy the experience of galloping over the battlefield and conquering the military points.
  • This is an entertaining game that gives players sheer freedom and sense of adventure, allowing them to explore the vast landscape , build their own homeland and meet unique animals.
  • This is a simulation game that allows players to perform daily activities including harvesting, lumber, mining, fishing and hunting.
  • This game requires team work and allows players to switch between first person and third person view with the control of various weapon equipment, vehicles, tanks, and aircrafts.
  • This is a Gamefi that imitates the resource war which is the entire alliances’ rewards are affected by the number of occupied military points and the length of occupation.
  • This game endows the equipment, weapons, and loots with economic value through the use of NFT technology, which builds the value bridge between the virtual world and reality.
  • This is a game that allows players to earn token through skillful gameplay and smart trading on the market.

Endless Battlefield — Game Features

  1. Enormous Sandbox Environment
    Sandbox is built on planet level which allows players to freely experience the world and acting as a virtual citizen. Various entertainments and exciting war plays are available among large scale of players.
  2. First Person / Third Person Shooting
    Players may switch between First Person and Third Person view during the combat. Aiming and shooting skills are competitive advantages to survive in the battlefield.
  3. Fictional Universe
    Construct a world based on the theme of resource competition, humanity , and persistence of conflicts. Provide immersive experience for players to form alliances and fight for scarce resources .
  4. Life Skills
    Various resource collection methods such as harvesting, timbering, fishing, mining, hunting, etc are open to players to further explore.
  5. Planet Metaverse
    Players can simultaneously cooperate with alliances to build homeland, military base and barbican for living, entertaining, and waging war in this metaverse.
  6. Gamefi, NFT
    Rewards will be allocated to active players through the distribution of NFT and token. Weapon, vehicle and loots will be tradable as NFTs to greatly boost the circulation of game assets.

Endless Battlefield– NFT Marketplace

  • Players can buy or sell their tools, weapons, vehicles, equipment, and various other NFT items in the marketplace.
  • NFT marketplace is a decentralized trading center.
  • Low fee
  • Multi-device compatible

Dual-Token Economy

Endless Battlefield adopts a two-token mode. EB token is the game’s governance tokens with a total of 1 billion issuance. EB is distributed to players by defeating world boss and completing main missions. EBC token is the in-game currency with unlimited issuance. EBC is produced and consumed in all game modes inside the game.

EB Tokenomics

EBC Tokenomics

Backers & İnvestor

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