Enrex Overview

Enrex is the one-stop shop for environmental DeFi, that through the integration of various registries, partners and services will soon be ready to offer the first official decentralized marketplace for CO2 allowances and renewable certificates.

Enrex Applications

-Enrex Exchange

Enrex will launch the first exchange on Solana for CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates. The platform acts as a bridge to unlock digital asset services by combining the features of real world assets and modern cryptocurrencies with speed, security and cost savings at the forefront.For traders and trading houses, companies, power plants, brokers.

-Enrex Dex V2

Enrex DEX will be fully automated and decentralized DEX for issuing, trading and tokenizing CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates for all trading houses and power plants without intermediaries. As in the future all prosumers (A prosumer is an individual who both consumes and produces) will be able to produce renewable energy certificates, they will have an option to swap them to Enrex’s cryptocurrency in a hassle-free fashion. Via the DEX operations a prosumer will have the full insurance on the value’s non-fluctuation. In other words, the higher quality of liquidity is achieved, because the transaction fees can be manipulated and/or chosen within a lenient range.

-Enrex Offsetting

Offset directly using Enrex token (in the following operations) based on your choice of certificate (CO2 allowances or renewable energy certificate):

  • Smart contracts;
  • Mining;

-Tracking Offsets

Users will be able to track all offsets on the blockchain, and it will be available to be accessed and checked by anyone within the Enrex ecosystem. As the CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificates will be canceled on the OG registry, the link in the chain will be provided to deliver proof of cancellation and the NFT as a proof of ownership.

-Environmental Api

Enrex environmental API will enable decentralized and real world applications to unlock the mandatory CO2 allowances and renewable energy certificate market without intermediaries.

$ENRX Token Utility

At the heart of Enrex’s environmental DeFi is the utility token $ENRX, which allows their B2B partners to:

  • Make transactions and mining CO2 neutral
  • Offset their CO2 emissions directly by way of balancing them from one cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies and for real world use cases.
  • Trade mandatory carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates directly with cryptocurrency.
  • Investing in the growing environmental market.

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