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Acquire our NFTs as the metaverse space and join our Play To Earn/ Compete To Earn games Socialize and become an active member of the DAO

LPI DAO is excited to announces our latest partnership with Game Lounge — Game Lounge utilizes a token economy and reward system to pay players when playing the game. Just as with the real world economy there are different ways you can make money. For example, you could invest in stocks, lend your money out for an interest yield, or flip properties to make a profit. These same principles apply in the Game Lounge metaverse but instead, you will be dealing with $GLT tokens and NFTs.

Collaboration with Game Lounge

LPI DAO will be working with Game Lounge to increase their reach into various market sectors including and not limited to Turkey, China, Russia, India & Indonesia to create additional interest and grow their community. While offering the Game Lounge team access to a host of Influencers, KOL’s, Launchpads, CEX platforms pre and post launch services and many other industry connections. By coming on board as one of the early backers LPI will be offering a value-added investment to the project. Connecting the team with industry connections, KOL’s, Influencers and much more. Partnering with only top-quality projects LPI DAO provides strong value and backing to those projects it invests in, ensuring our investors get access to great projects. The Collaboration with Game Lounge will give LPI access to early stage investment in the project.

What is the Game Lounge?

The Game Lounge is your personal gaming room in the metaverse where you can come to anytime you want and relax, invite your friends to hang out, play your favourite games with them and boast your NFT collection.

The wide variety of available games includes:
• Board games
• Bar games
• Arcade games

Using the built-in social features, the room owner’s will be able to:
• Create their own network of contacts
• Create in-game portfolio of investments
• Create themed-groups connected with specific projects owning public lounges in the metaverse
• Join gaming guilds owning guild halls in the metaverse
• Use in-game voice chat to further expand the immersion

$GLT Token Utility

$GLT token will be used to power the Game Lounge ecosystem.

It will serve the following functions:

  • Stake the players will be able to stake their token in different pools for NFT lounge rewards.
  • Currency GLT token will be used to buy NFTs, NFT packs and participate in P2E aspects.
  • Governance token holders will have the decision rights about which games should we develop andhow part of the income should be spent.
  • Hold $GLT + Genesis NFTs To be eligible for future drops and generate more revenue



Symbol : GLT
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
IMC : 290k
Seed : 0.005, 0% at TGE, 1 month cliff, Then linearly over 18 months
Private : 0.0075, 10% at TGE, 1 month cliff, Then linearly over 12 months
Public : 0.01, 20% at TGE, rest over 3 months




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