Collaboration with Nitrox Racing

LPI DAO will be working with Nitrox Racing to increase their reach into various market sectors including and not limited to Turkey, China, Russia, India & Indonesia to create additional interest and grow their community. While offering the Nitrox Racing team access to a host of Influencers, KOL’s, Launchpads, CEX platforms pre and post launch services and many other industry connections. By coming on board as one of the early backers LPI will be offering a value-added investment to the project. Connecting the team with industry connections, KOL’s, Influencers and much more. Partnering with only top-quality projects LPI DAO provides strong value and backing to those projects it invests in, ensuring our investors get access to great projects. The Collaboration with NitroX will give LPI access to early stage investment in the project.

About The Nitro X

Introducing a professional and interactive NFT racing game called ‘Nitrox Racing’ Nitrox NFT game is going to change the whole landscape of racing NFT games. The expectations of every gamer are increasing day by day, especially from NFT games. NFT is the future of digital collectibles and there could be nothing better than the combination of games and NFTs. Things get more exciting and transparent when we process them on the Blockchain network and Nitrox is no different.The Nitrox team is bringing a reliable NFT racing game to offer something worth participating in for the whole gamers’ community. Nitrox is more than just a racing game, you will be able to earn as well by competing and winning races in the Nitrox. Who would have thought that an NFT racing game would become a source of earning for the players? From game mechanics to physics, cars to tracks, everything has been optimized to give a rich gaming experience to every gamer.

⛽ NOS Station

Here we have another excitement for you, Introducing your very own NOS Station. The place for players to buy fuel for their car to participate in a race. Moreover, every racer would want his vehicle to have a Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) cylinder filled to compete and win the race with more boost. NOS Stations have been introduced for all of the racers who want to have fuel and nitrous oxide for their vehicles to increase their chances of winning in the race. You will be able to get your vehicle’s NOS cylinder filled with N₂O.

🚔 Cars

Cars have been the center of attraction in every racing game. We will be introducing a variety of car NFTs of different categories and prices. Let’s have a look at the car categories and their levels. Car Categories Have a look at the following car categories you will be able to buy to compete within Nitrox Racing.

Car Levels and NX Points

Every category of the car will be available at different levels. Car levels will be based on the winning stats, modification, and rarity of a car. Every car that wins or gets upgrades will be earning NX points.NX Points define the overall performance, value, and level of the car in this whole NFT game. Let’s have a look at the car level names and their respective NX points.

  • First Position in a race = 5 NX
  • Second Position in a race = 3 NX
  • Third Position in a race = 2 NX
  • Upgrading Engine = 10 NX
  • Upgrading Tires= 8 NX

Auto Mechanics Shop

The objective behind these auto mechanic shops is to provide vehicle upgrades, auto parts, and modifications to the drivers. Upgrades will be required to increase your car levels, engine, and have more chances of winning in the races. You will be headed to an auto mechanic shop every time you need an upgrade in an engine or in any part of the vehicle. You will be able to buy auto parts and upgrades from the shop in $NOS tokens.


Engine is the most important part of any motor vehicle. Proceeding in the game, you will need a more advanced engine in your vehicle to win upcoming races. Every racer will want to have the latest engine installed in his vehicle. If you buy a freshman-level car, it will have a stock engine installed in it. In order to unlock the latest engine upgrades, you will have to acquire the required NX points for your car.

EARN $NOS Tokens

Besides buying NOS tokens from the respective exchanges, you will be able to earn NOS tokens as well. That’s where it all begins, every player who participates in the game has a chance to win the $NOS tokens reward. Every race will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winner, 50% NOS Tokens of the total prize pool will be rewarded to the first winner, 30% to 2nd winner, and 20% NOS tokens of total prize pool will be given to the third winner. Rewards distribution might vary depending on the race type.


Here are the following ways one can use $NOS tokens in Nitrox Racing game.

  • Use $NOS tokens to buy fuel from NOS Stations.
  • Use $NOS tokens to buy N₂O from NOS Stations.
  • Use $NOS for Staking and earn rewards.


NOS Token by Nitrox is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network, $NOS will be the utility token of the Nitrox NFT racing game. Using $NOS, you will be able to upgrade your vehicle parts like engines, tires, and other modifications. Having $NOS tokens will somehow help you to keep competing and winning the races. Modified and updated vehicles always get you to victory in the race so make sure you have $NOS tokens to keep your vehicle fit. 🛠


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