The LPI DAO revolution

As many in the community are keen to know what has become of the project, we give a detailed explanation in this article discussing the changes and new features of the LPI DAO project. We have been working tirelessly on the project to ensure we bring the community a high-quality project that will attract many investors and yield great profits for all.

The project has been conceptualized as a DeFi Community Seed Sale Aggregator; what this entails is a highly sophisticated investment platform for investors of all levels to access seed sales of projects from all networks across the spectrum of blockchains. For investors, the process has been simplified, in order to join the LPI platform investors will need to purchase an amount of LPI tokens corresponding to the tier they would like to be in. Tier information can be found on the LPI website under the tiers section.

LPI has grown and will continue to grow as we progress down our timeline. As bringing tier 1 and high-quality projects to investors it is just as important to us to ensure the project, we invest in receive required and adequate support to ensure a successful launch.

As noted in the roadmap LPI will be investing resources into the incubation and acceleration of upcoming projects and NFT drops. The team very well understands the difficulty and challenges faced by the dev and design teams of upcoming projects and when we see a high-quality project with great potential, we would like to assist these teams to get their project off the ground and see it through to completion. The platform will offer an array of services to upcoming projects including but not limited to: financial backing, marketing, research, analytics, community building, and project collaboration with well-established projects for beneficial partnerships. With dedicated marketing, research, and administrative teams we will be able to provide the teams of upcoming projects this support.

With a dedicated team, LPI specializes in the acceleration of GameFi and NFT projects to offer developers and designers support in these genres of the crypto market. GameFi is a growing trend while NFT integration and real-life implementation are on the rise and we identified this as an area where teams are lacking support and would like to offer them the opportunity of turning their dreams into a reality. LPI will offer backing to GameFi and NFT projects from any network.

Many projects offer very similar features in terms of seed sale investment. So what makes LPI different and where is the advantage of investing in LPI? LPI is a community governed and centered project therefore the LPI team scouts for the highest quality and potential projects which are presented to the community for selection. The investors then have the opportunity to research each project and select the project of their choice, making an informed decision for their investment. As an investor, we value your opinion and the option for token holders to make suggestions for project deals will be made available through the voting process as well as the independent groups for each tier. Our investors are important and therefore we will have verified telegram groups for investors of each tier where all aspects can be discussed with the team.

As a high-net-worth investor who has access to the top two LPI tiers, we have implemented a special feature that will allow these investors to make private deal request. This means these investors will be able to contact the LPI team to arrange seed sale access to any upcoming project which may have not been selected for investment on the platform or any upcoming Project/ NFT drop that they would like to get early access to. For this, the team cannot guarantee access but will put maximum effort into ensuring we source access for these requests. There will however be terms and conditions attached to this feature such as commitment to the request made and minimum investments.

The model of the project is to work in collaboration with launchpads, other projects, and VCs to deal flow as a means of sourcing tier one and high-quality projects ensuring only the best for investors while offering projects additional support through IDO launchpad partnerships. LPI believes in a system of cooperation and is opposed to coercion therefore we view other projects as potential partners and not competition.

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